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Advisory Board

Dan Weeks, Chair Co-owner of ReVision Energy and former (and founding) Executive Director of Open Democracy

John Broderick - Former Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court; Executive Director of the Rudman Center at UNH Law 

Brad Cook - Partner and Past President of Sheehan Phinney Law Firm; Chair of the New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission

Eleanor Dunfey-Freiburger - Chair of the Global Citizens Circle; University Professor of Ethics and Civic Engagement at SNHU

Lew Feldstein - Past President of the NH Charitable Foundation; Co-Author of Better Together: Restoring the American Community

Bill Gillett - Dean of Southern New Hampshire University School of Business; Past President of RiverStone Resources

Joe Magruder, Former News Editor, Associated Press of New Hampshire

Bruce Mallory - Director of New Hampshire Listens; Former Provost of the University of New Hampshire

Lillye Ramos Spooner - Greater Manchester AIDS Project; Former Member of the NH Commission on the Status of Women

Stephen Reno - Executive Director of Leadership New Hampshire; Former Chancellor of the University System of NH

Jim Rubens - Entrepreneur and Former Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate; Former New Hampshire State Senator

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