We the People – A Presidential Primary Tent Convention

Two years ago, a small band of citizens set out in winter to launch a grassroots Rebellion against big money in politics. Inspired by legendary reformer Doris "Granny D" Haddock, we walked 200 miles through ice and snow across New Hampshire to declare that our democracy is not for sale. 96% of people supported the cause but only 9% believed it could be achieved. 

Two years later, that first daring act has inspired thousands of citizens to Walk the Talk all across New Hampshire, Ask the Question of every presidential candidate, and Pledge to Fight Big Money. According to the latest poll, 39% of the public now believes real reform is possible. 

With two months to go until NH voters cast the first primary ballots of the 2016 election, we are excited to announce our final bold act before the NH Primary, set in a massive (heated) tent! 


On Primary Weekend, February 5-7, hundreds of voters will gather at “political ground zero" in downtown Manchester, NH for the first-ever We the People Convention to #FightBigMoney. The Convention will feature artists and activists, politicians and pundits, marches and demonstrations to set the agenda for the 2016 election. If the presidential candidates wish to earn our votes, they will also attend.

Will you pre-register today to join us on February 5-7 in Manchester, NH?

We have come a long way together these last two years – 30,000 miles and counting. What better way to conclude the NH Primary than by going to where the action is and ensuring the presidential candidates commit to #FightBigMoney at the We the People tent convention?!


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