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Concord Monitor | March 6, 2019
My Turn: It's time to give N.H. elections back to the people
By Olivia Zink

Valley News | March, 4, 2019
Column: A step toward solving campaign finance corruption
By Martha Hennessey and Jim Rubens

The Keene Sentinel | February 27, 2019
We need to put the power back in the hands of the people
By Deborah Sumner

In These Times | October 12, 2018
The Case For Giving Every American $25 “Democracy Vouchers” For Every Election
By Adam Eichen

Concord Monitor | September 22, 2018
Capital Beat: Advocates think 2019 is the year for publicly funded elections
By Ethan DeWitt

Monadnock Ledger Transcript | August 21, 2018
Granny D walk coming to Dublin and Peterborough Saturday
By Nicholas Handy

Center For American Progress | Jun 12, 2018
The Small-Donor Antidote to Big-Donor Politics

Concord Monitor | March 21, 2018
Weekend Forum Focuses on Gerrmandering
By David Brooks

FostersOnline | February 13, 2018
Words that live on beyond their mortal lives
By Lynn Chong

Concord Monitor | January 24, 2018
My Turn: Empower Voters Through 'Civic Dollars'
By Olivia Zink

NH Business Review | December 8, 2017
Taking on Big Money in Politics
By Brad Cook

Seacoast Online | August 13, 2017
Spirit of Granny D Lives On
By Ethan DeWitt

Seacoast Online | July 18, 2017
Marchers Promote Clean Elections
By Alex LaCasse

Concord Monitor | February 20, 2017
Protestors March in Downtown Concord
By Lola Duffort

Monadnock Ledger Transcript | January 31, 2017                                                                                                   Remembering Granny D                                                                                                                                                       By Nicholas Handy

Keene Sentinel | August 8, 2016
Third Granny D. Walk Schedule set 
By Kathleen R. Allen

Keene Sentinel | August 5, 2016
Granny D walk is a new tradition 
By Regina Bringolf

InDepthNH | July 9, 2016
NH Rebellion's Larry Lessig Marches in Portsmouth to Get Money Out of Politics
By Roger Wood

SeacoastOnline | July 9, 2016
Rebellion against money in politics marches on 
By Suzanne Laurent

SeacoastOnline | July 8, 2016
Walk to end big money in politics Saturday
By Corinne Dodge

SoundNH | July 6, 2016
"Granny D Walkers" prepare to march  
By Matt Kanner

Portsmouth Patch | July 6, 2016
Activists March to End Corruption on July 9 
By Tony Schinella 

Fosters | July 5, 2016
NH Rebellion Seacoast March on July 9th  

The Citizen | June 28, 2016
Rubens critical of using big money in campaign financing 
By Jim Clark

Hippo Press April 28, 2016
Rebel leader
By Ryan Lessard

Valley News April 17, 2016
Walking the Walk for Campaign Finance Reform
By Jim Kenyon

Fosters April 15, 2016
Please help me to take back our democracy
By Joe Magruder

Public News Service - NH April 13, 2016
Granite Staters Arrested in Washington Protest over Money in Politics
By Mike Clifford | April 8, 2016
Landrigan: NH Political Report
By: Kevin Landrigan

Keene Sentinel April 1, 2016
Why I’m marching on Washington
By Joe Magruder 

Concord Monitor March 31, 2016
Like Granny D, I will march on Washington
By Joe Magruder 

Pelham-Windham News | January 29, 2016
Questioning the Ethics of NH House Leaders
By Corinne Dodge

Manchester Public Television | January 20, 2016
Faithful Democracy Event
By Franciscan Action Network and Open Democracy

The Concord Monitor | January 20, 2016
My Turn: Volunteers push for an end to governing under the influence
By Arnie Alpert and Kathleen McQuillen

Concord Monitor | January 14, 2016
‘Monitor,’ seek questions from voters to pose to candidates
By Monitor Staff

New Hampshire Public Radio | January 11, 2016
2016 State House Look Ahead: Legislator Roundtable
By The Exchange

The Concord Monitor | January 10, 2016
My Turn: Democracy Loses as House Makes then Unmakes History
By Daniel Weeks

NH1 News | January 9, 2016
NH1 News Political Report
By Kevin Landrigan

The Union Leader | January 9, 2016
Garry Rayno's State House Dome
By Gary Rayno

The Concord Monitor | January 9, 2016
Capital Beat: Democrats, activists steam after Citizens United vote reverses
By Allie Morris

Concord Patch | January 7, 2015
House Rejects Amendment to Overturn Citizens United
By Tony Schinella

NH Labor News | January 7, 2015
NH House Votes to Pass, then Kill, Bipartisan Bill to Fight Big Money in Politics

The Concord Monitor | October 13, 2015
Democracy missing from pipeline debate
By Daniel Weeks

Keene Sentinel | October 11, 2015 
Democracy missing from pipeline debate
By Daniel Weeks 

The Concord Monitor | October 13, 2015
House must take a stand against big money
By Hon. Betty Tamposi

NH Business Review | October 2, 2015
A Tale of Two Transmission Lines
By Daniel Weeks


Open Democracy Index Press Coverage



Opinion Pieces through Summer 2015

The Concord Monitor | July 4, 2015
We need to 'shine a light' on big money
By Geoffrey Douglas

The Telegraph | March 22, 2015
Ask presidential candidates about the money
By Chief Justice John Broderick (ret.) and Brad Cook

Keene Sentinel | March 22, 2015
In spirit, Granny D is still walking
By Daniel Weeks

The Concord Monitor | March 22, 2015
Our Turn: A primary about big ideas
By Chief Justice John Broderick (ret.) and Brad Cook

The Keene Sentinel | March 22, 2015
A primary of Big Ideas instead of Big Money
By Chief Justice John Broderick (ret.) and Brad Cook

NH Business Review | March 20, 2015
Granny D's long walk for democracy continues
By Daniel Weeks

Concord Monitor | March 17, 2015
Editorial: Rebellion reaches a crossroads | March 6, 2015
15 Years Later, Granny D’s Walk for Democracy Continues
By Daniel Weeks

The Telegraph | January 11, 2015
Can’t we all just get along and rebel?
By Andrew Hemingway and Daniel Weeks

NH Business Review | December 30, 2014
Rebellion against big money in politics
By Daniel Weeks

Concord Monitor | December 14, 2014
Time to rebel against big money in politics 
By Daniel Weeks

The Telegraph | September 7, 2014
The right side of history
By Daniel Weeks

The Portsmouth Herald | September 7, 2014
Citizens, voters are more powerful than money
By Jeff McLean

Concord Monitor | September 7, 2014
A chance to be on the right side of history 
By Daniel Weeks

Concord Monitor | June 6, 2014
We must curb the power of big money in elections
By Sen. David Pierce and Robert Weissman

Concord Monitor | June 6, 2014
Time for Legislature to push back against Citizens United decision
By Rep. Mary Cooney and Robert Weissman

Foster's Daily | May 14, 2014
Representative democracy derailed 
By Rep. Bob Perry

Concord Monitor | June 6, 2014
In the state senate, democracy derailed
By Rep. Bob Perry


More Articles & Interviews

For full coverage of Open Democracy's NH Rebellion campaign, please click here.

Union Leader | November 11, 2015
NH ties for 34th in state-by-state integrity ranking

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript | March 31, 2015
‘Granny D’ fight heads to D.C.

Huffington Post | March 20, 2015
Anti-Citizens United Activists Get Ready For 2016 Presidential Candidates In Iowa, New Hampshire

Concord Monitor | March 15, 2015
‘Petition on steroids’ means stamping dollars to get money out of politics

The Boston Globe | February 18, 2015
The March for Campaign Finance Reform Has Only Just Begun

CNN | February 6, 2015
A New Hampshire State of Mind

The Union Leader | January 25, 2015
Dan Weeks: Democracy where everyone has an equal voice

The Washington Times | January 22, 2015
Advocates for campaign finance reform rally at State House

NH Public Radio | January 21, 2015
'New Hampshire Rebellion' Stages Protest Of Big Money In Politics

The Union Leader | January 18, 2015
NH Rebellion marching its way to Concord for reform

WMUR Television "Close Up" | January 11, 2015
Effort underway to curb big money influence on political issues

RT Television | January 12, 2015
NH Rebellion demands campaign funding answers from presidential candidates

Keene Sentinel | October 11, 2014
Granny D's legacy celebrated at Keene State College

NHPR "The Exchange" | April 9, 2013
The Return of Campaign Finance Reform to NH

Monadnock Ledger-Trasncript | March 25, 2013
Pending bills point to influence of money in politics

The Boston Globe | March 23, 2013
NH seeks greater disclosure for campaign spending

Portsmouth Herald | March 3, 2015
Granny D's vision of clean government

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