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Common Cause and Open Democracy Action are teaming up to head off misinformation about voting in the 2020 election.  Our Regional Democracy Teams will be on the front lines of identifying "misinformation" (inaccurate/unintentional error) information, as well as "disinformation" (intentionally inaccurate or misleading) information. 

Key Information You Need

What Should I be Looking For?   See the Sept. 27 recording of Common Cause's Zoom training with our RDTs.  Don't take any action without taking the training first.

Role of Our Teams  Some content is hard to be sure whether it should be reported.   Use your team members as a sounding board by posting the screenshot on your team's Google Group.   That will help sharpen everyone's eye.  

Should it be submitted?  Follow the decision matrix below.  If you're still not sure, submit it anyway, or post a screenshot to your fellow team members on the Google Groups and see what your team members think.

If the incident needs to get reported, where do I send it?  We're submitting misinformation/disinformation emails to the national Common Cause "tip line" submission page, but expect to have a dedicated NH page shortly.

What happens then?  It gets evaluated and action may get taken by Common Cause staff, and/or an "inoculation" email may be created for us to post in our channels. 

Remember to not amplify bad information by replying or reposting what was originally incorrect or misleading information.

Sources of Good Information

NH Secretary of State

Website - COVID special rules:

Main Website:  http://www.SOS.NH.GOV

Email:  [email protected]

Hotline:  833-726-0034

NH Attorney General


Email:    [email protected]

Hotline:  1-866-868-3703 (1-866-VOTER03), or (603) 271-3658

Common Cause National   (Nonpartisan)

Website to Report:


Hotline:  866-OUR-VOTE

Open Democracy (Nonpartisan)

Open Democracy's "How to Vote by Absentee Ballot in New Hampshire" pages,

League of Women Voters NH (Nonpartisan) 


Voting Info Website (national):

ACLU (Nonpartisan)  

Voting Info Website:

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