The Issue

Money in Politics

The Coalition for Open Democracy was established in response to one unavoidable fact: American government no longer works for the American people. On climate change, healthcare, education, taxes, poverty, and more, ordinary people are paying the price for the influence wealthy special interest money has over our elected officials.

The Citizens United decision granted corporations and unions the right to spend unlimited money in elections. As a result, special interest groups across the partisan divide have invested billions of dollars to shape the national debate and determine who gets elected to public office. Public officials, in turn, must focus their attention on the task of raising money–and the needs of the wealthy few who fund campaigns–rather than serving the needs of everyday voters. Meanwhile, the majority of American citizens are effectively excluded from politics because they cannot afford to fund campaigns or seek elected office, and tens of millions more face outright disenfranchisement at the polls.

The influence of big money in politics affects everything about our daily lives. The following fact sheets, compiled by 2022 Democracy Fellow Davis Allen, connect the dots between money in politics and current issues:

Money in Politics - Overview


MIP - NH Election Spending



MIP & Healthcare


MIP & Environment

MIP & Opportunity Gap



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