Sally Hatch

tempImage3pg2ZD.jpgSally lived her life committed to kindness, compassion and justice. She believed in the promise of democracy and the idea that we as a nation are stronger when all voices are heard and all votes are counted. 

Guided by these principles, Sally became a tireless advocate for voting rights. She was especially determined to make sure that young voters, new Americans, unhoused people, and other vulnerable groups were able to cast their votes at the ballot box. 
Sally also recized that political gerrymandering betrayed the principle of one person one vote, and so she worked vigorously on behalf of independent, nonpartisan redistricting. 
We will remember Sally as an exuberant, warm and generous champion of justice.  Always quick with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. You can make a donation online below or mail a check to Open Democracy, 4 Park St #301, Concord, NH 03301 




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