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  • Saturday, April 04, 2020 at 09:00 AM · 82 rsvps

    2020 Democracy in Action Conference

    Revised Plan & Schedule for Democracy in Action Conference

    Online Only - April 4, 9:00-Noon

    Part of being a team is being flexible, responsive and responsible.  As much as we'd hoped for in-person team building to be a part of the mix, your safety was more important.  

    So, Open Democracy has moved the DIA Conference online, but scaled it back in time and scope, AND the conference is now FREE (though we'd appreciate your donations if you're able).    We will be using an online conferencing platform called Zoom (details and instructions below) to accommodate 100 attendees. 

    Upon registering for this now FREE conference, you will receive details on how and when to log in, apps to use, and how to download workshop materials.

    Live Online Keynote on Managing Teams and Workshop on Volunteerism

    Organizational development author & consultant Gerri King, Ph.D. will still deliver our keynote at 9:00 AM online.   Gerri is a nationally-recognized organizational consultant and facilitator working with CEOs and senior management on major organizational changes, strategic planning processes, board development, and training issues at all levels. [Learn More about Gerri]  Gerri will do one session on "Managing a Team" in the morning, and will record a workshop called the "The Art of Facilitation", for watching at your convenience. 

    Then at 10:00, volunteerism expert and consultant Steve Scudder will present a live workshop on Strategies for Effectively Recruiting and Using Volunteers .   You will have an opportunity to interact with them online as if you were in the classroom.

    [See the Workshops & Schedule]

    Who Should Register and Tune In to the Conference?

    As you may have heard, Open Democracy Action is launching six regional democracy teams around the state.  Teams are an effective way to build power within our activists' communities, but at the same time build power around the state.   We are pulling this conference together for our benefit, but would like our friends around the state to join us.

    Cost is FREE!  RSVP Below!

    Reasons to come to the 2020 Democracy in Action Conference

    • If your organization currently has teams or regional chapters, help train up new or existing leaders.  Workshop leaders will be experts in developing teams.
    • If you organization is considering teams, this will be a good introduction to the concepts, and the workshops will be on the introductory end, perfect for new members who need know what to do getting started.
    • If you have members you are developing to be organizers, we'll have one track focused on organizing basics, including Digital Organizing, What Every Organizer Must Know
    • If one of your issues is Democracy reform, we'll have another track to educate you on Gerrymandering and redistricting, publicly-financed elections, pay-to-play state contractor politics, and the solutions to these problems.   This information is critical to converse with your state legislators.
    • Have trouble recruiting volunteers?    Learn how to recruit and keep volunteers

  • Saturday, April 04, 2020 at 07:00 PM
    Varied throughout the state in New Hampshire, NH

    Granny D: The Power of One

    Due to concerns regarding COVID 19 and the need to cancel all gatherings, we have cancelled all performances of “Granny D: The Power of One” that were scheduled throughout the state during the month of April.

    The committee is currently reviewing all available data and holding meetings to determine whether to reschedule these plays in the fall or to wait until next year.

    Thank you for your understanding.  We will keep you posted.  Stay healthy!


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