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About Open Democracy

Political equality for all through an open, accountable, trusted government free from the corruption of big money politics is the mission of New Hampshire’s Open Democracy.  Meaningful reform in our democracy must come from the understanding of the issue by citizens who demand that their government is responsive, accessible and accountable to the needs of the country.  Open Democracy seeks to educate and advocate for citizen funding for election campaigns. Building on our history of campaign reform efforts, we created a successful presidential primary project, the NH Rebellion, to address reform including epic walks and current cross-partisan collaboration in an era of partisan rancor. We engage ordinary citizens, Republican and Democratic lawmakers, and a diverse coalition of issue advocates to form a united front against big money in politics and advocate for a citizen-funded elections.

A group of leaders came together in 1997 as the Granite State Campaign for Clean elections  and was renamed in 2009 as the Coalition for Open Democracy. NH has been inspired, encouraged and led by Doris "Granny D"Haddock,  who at age 90 walked 3,200 miles across the country to bring democracy back to the people.

The Coalition for Open Democracy, a non-partisan 501c3 organization, has become the recognized leader in the New Hampshire movement to increase civic engagement, strengthen democratic institutions, and address the corrupting influence of big money in politics.

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Doris "Granny D" Haddock and 31 other people were arrested on April 21, 2000, while Granny D was reading the Declaration of Independence in the Capitol Rotunda. Press releases and C-SPAN coverage from that day decribe the arrests.   "We no longer have proper representation," Ms. Haddock, the 90-year-old woman who walked across the... Read more

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