Sign on to a letter to Senators Hassan & Shaheen to Support the "For the People Act"

As a New Hampshire voter concerned with strengthening our democracy and protecting our freedom to vote, we ask that you please sign on to this letter to Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Senator Maggie Hassan, asking them to do what it takes to pass the H.R. 1 / S. 1 For the People Act.

We will submit this letter with your name directly to the Senators.  After signing, a confirmation email will ask you to call the Senators' offices, speak to a staffer or record a message, and let them know your feelings on the For the People Act.   Then please take the extra step of sharing this with friends, family and your social media channels to urge them sign on as well.

Thank you for taking this simple action to help save your democracy.

Your friends at Open Democracy and the Open Democracy Teams



Dear Senator Shaheen and Senator Hassan:

New Hampshire voters know all too well how our democracy has eroded.    We see the anti-voter bills proposed in the NH legislature.  We are bombarded by Dark Money advertising paid for by undisclosed donors.   New Hampshire's election system, while secure, is out of date and not accessible to some voters.  Our voting districts are unfair and have been gerrymandered for partisan advantage.  The For the People Act can help fix our democracy. 

We ask you, Senators, to do what it takes to pass the H.R. 1 / S. 1 "For the People Act" as soon as possible.   The For the People Action would, for New Hampshire and all of America:

  • End Gerrymandering
  • Modernize Voter Registration
  • Enhance Voting Access
  • Empower Everyday Americans through Public Funding of Elections
  • Secure our Elections Systems
  • Increase Oversight & Accountability to Enforce Existing Laws
  • Strengthen Lobbying Rules and Transparency
  • Close the Revolving Door - impose a lifetime lobbying ban on members of Congress and a five-year ban on their senior staffers
  • Strengthen Conflict of Interest Rules
  • Expose Dark Money Donors

Senators, we acknowledge that the challenges are significant to pass this bill, yet the challenge of a failed democracy would be far greater.  We ask that you take the necessary steps, even if it requires modifying or repealing the filibuster, to pass the H.R. 1 / S. 1 For the People Act.

Thank you, and we are grateful for your defense of democracy.

Respectfully submitted.


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