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Table 1: Voter Turnout (VAP) in New Hampshire Elections, 2004-2014


Table 2: New Hampshire Campaign Contributions to State Candidates by Office, 2004-14 (46)


Table 3: New Hampshire Candidate and Outside Election Spending, 2014


Table 4: Campaign Contributions to State and Federal Candidates from NH and Out-of-State Sources, 2014


Table 5: Candidate and Outside Spending in Six Most Expensive State Senate Races (General Election Candidates Only), 2014


Table 6: New Hampshire Lobbyist Contributions to State Candidates, 2013-14


Table 7: Top Five Lobbyist Contributions to State Candidates on Behalf of Clients, 2013-14


Table 8: Fundraising by Incumbents, Challengers, and Open Seat General Election Candidates in New Hampshire, 2014


Table 9: Incumbent Reelection Rates in New Hampshire, 2014


Table 10: Spending by Winning/Losing Candidates in New Hampshire, 2014 (excl. State Rep.) 


Table 11: Electoral Competitiveness in New Hampshire State Races, 2014


Table 12: Gender Representation in State and Federal Office, 2015


Table 13: Racial/Ethnic Representation in State Office, 2015


(46) Insufficient reporting of campaign contributions to candidates for state representative produced artificially low totals for 2012 and 2014; the amounts entered in gray are therefore an estimate based on the rate of growth in the previous two election cycles.

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