Voting Absentee in New Hampshire Due to Bad Weather

Absentee Voting Due to Bad Weather

A few years ago, an ill-timed significant snowstorm kept voters from casting votes on election day.  The legislature has now updated the absentee ballot application to include special absentee ballot accommodations for certain people.   As updated in NH RSA 657:1, when the National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning, blizzard warning, or ice storm warning for election day, certain individuals will be permitted to vote by absentee ballot on the Monday immediately prior to (day before) the election for the following circumstances: 

  1. A person who is elderly, infirm or has a physical disability and would otherwise vote in person but has concerns for their safety traveling in the storm.
  2. A person who anticipates that school, child care, or adult care will be canceled and would otherwise vote in person but will need to care for children or infirm adults.

The voter will need to appear in person at the City Clerk’s office to obtain the ballot, the day before the election, and submit it that day.

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