Voter Owned Elections: Reducing the Influence of Big Money in Politics

In recent years, the disproportionate influence of large donors in politics has become increasingly apparent. Our current privately funded campaign finance system limits the ability of candidates who are not independently wealthy or connected to wealthy donors to really compete in elections. When money equals power and successful elections, the influence of the corporations and individuals who are financing campaigns is immense. With a publicly funded, voter owned election system, we can change that power structure and shift the influence back where it belongs, in the hands of constituents. 
Join us for our webinar, "Voter Owned Elections: Reducing the Influence of Big Money in Politics" to learn how voter owned elections take the power back from large donors and return it to the public. Explore how a publicly funded system could level the playing field for more diverse candidates. Discover how you can help make voter owned elections a reality in NH.
July 24, 2024 at 6:00pm - 7pm
Online via Zoom
Ken Bundy Olivia Zink Kirsten Shelby Joe Bagshaw Sue Nastasi Corinne Dodge David Holt

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