Democracy in Action Conference 2020 Schedule

Revised Plan & Schedule for Democracy in Action Conference

Online Only - April 4, 9:00-Noon

Live Online Keynote on Managing Teams and Workshop on Volunteerism

Organizational development author & consultant Gerri King will still deliver our keynote at 9:00 AM online.  With the rise of regional chapters and teams as a means of developing power, Gerri will be give us guidance on how to manage and be a good member of a team.   She's consulted with both for-profit and non-profit organizations on developing and managing teams, and we're fortunate that she is able to share her expertise.



Volunteerism expert and consultant Steve Scudder will follow live at 10:00.  Using volunteers to meet your organization’s needs isn’t as easy as you think. In this session you’ll learn 10 tips for recruiting volunteers using a variety of methods and 10 ideas for successfully managing your volunteers to your mission.  

You will have an opportunity to interact with Steve and Gerri online as if you were in the classroom.

At the conclusion of Steve Scudder's session, there will be one more live workshop, again with Gerri King, on the "Art of Facilitation."  Facilitating a meeting or event is a learned skill, and many of us don't have the practice.  Gerri will give you the basics for what you need to know to make your team's events as effective as possible. 

As we noted on the main page, the four additional workshops below will be pre-recorded for you to consume at a time of your choosing. 

If you're an activist, even if it's a bit shorter this year, we have something for everyone at this year's 2020 Democracy in Action Conference!



April 4

Live Online

Time 9:00 9:05 - 9:55

10:00 - 10:50

11:00 - 11:50



Welcome - Olivia Zink

Gerri King: Managing Teams

Watch the video on YouTube




Steve Scudder

Strategies for Effectively Recruiting and Using Volunteers

Watch the Video on YouTube


Gerri King: The Art of Facilitation

Watch the video on YouTube




Pre-Recorded - Stream Online - Watch on Your Own Schedule



Fundamentals of Organizing for Power


Understanding Democracy Reform Issues






What every organizer must know to build power & Move Members to Action

Isaac Grimm, Louise Spencer, Arnie Alpert, Olivia Zink

Watch the Workshop on YouTube



Untangling Gerrymandering & Redistricting

Olivia Zink, Lucas Myer, Kyri Claflin. Liz Tentarelli and Henry Klementowicz

Watch the Workshop on YouTube







Recording on

April 9 - Watch it Live on Zoom

Digital Organizing -  Using tech to organize people to do extraordinary things

Manuela Ekowo & Spencer Olson, Rethink Media


How Public Financing of Elections works, and why it's key to ending corruption

Olivia Zink, Adam Eichen & Nick Nyhart

 Watch the Workshop on YouTube



*Handouts posted at just prior to broadcast.

What Do I Need to Use the Zoom Video Platform?

Once you've RSVPd for the event, you'll be sent a Zoom video conferencing link.   If you're not familiar with Zoom, it will allow you to see and participate in the event, see the other participants, and still allow you to wear your fuzzy bunny slippers.

A computer with sound and a microphone:   For most folks, your computer has everything you need, including a built in camera and a microphone.  Zoom does need software to run, which you can download in advance:  

For computers, choose the "Zoom Client for Meetings"

Or a smart phone:

For iPad & iPhones:

For Android devices:

Or, if all else fails, a regular phone:    When you receive your link, you'll also be given a phone dial-in number.  This won't be as good an experience, but you'll be able to listen and participate.

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