Gerri King PhD

The 2020 Democracy in Action Conference welcomes

Gerry King, PhD

Gerri King, Ph.D., social psychologist and organizational consultant, works with educational, healthcare, corporate, industrial, non-profit, and governmental clients throughout the US and abroad.  Gerri - also a facilitator and keynote speaker - presents at numerous conferences and seminars throughout the year.  Dr. King’s expertise includes a wide range of topics such as supervisory skills, team building, resolving conflicts and effective communication, motivating workforces, the dynamics of change, creating blame-free and gossip-free work environments, why people avoid success, and the changing role of leadership in the 21st century.

Gerri facilitates staff and executive retreats, conflict resolution efforts, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning sessions, and mission & vision development.  She is a founding partner and President of the consulting and counseling firm Human Dynamics Associates, Inc. of Concord NH and the author of The Duh! Book of Management and Supervision: Dispelling Common Leadership Myths. Gerri will have the book available for purchase by cash or check. if you would like a copy.

About Her Morning Keynote Address - 10 AM, Auditorium

Managing a Team

Our greatest resource is our volunteers and the teams with which they work.  Our greatest challenge is managing, while appreciating, their efforts. Team-work al­lows individu­als to partic­i­pate in meeting our organiza­tion's goals, while depending on each other, maintaining high morale, and engaging in productive communication at all levels.  This session will address the chal­lenges of team management, how shar­ing power brings with it responsibilities and ac­count­ability, and how estab­lishing an at­mosphere of trust en­courages growth and change for the organization and the people involved.


About Her Afternoon Session - 1 PM, Auditorium

The Art of Facilitation

Good facilitators are often leaders, but excellent leaders are not necessarily good facilitators because it isn’t an easy task- especially if you have a stake in the outcome.  Because the majority of challenges arise as a result of group dynamics, the ability to facilitate effectively requires techniques that can be acquired like any skill set. This session will focus on enhancing group interaction, maintaining a safe and inclusive environment, and increasing participation and action.


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