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It may not feel like spring, but that isn't keeping the presidential candidates away. Already, they're out on the stump talking up a storm about taxes and teachers, energy and immigration, deficits and drones… We need to make sure they address the underlying issue: how to end the corrupting influence of money in politics. 

That's where you come in, as walkers and talkers for reform!

Here's what two esteemed members of the Open Democracy Advisory Board had to say in the Sunday papers. Writing across party lines, the former NH Chief Justice John Broderick and Republican attorney Brad Cook argue that we in NH have a "special obligation" on behalf of the country "to raise the 'big money' issue and insist on specifics, not platitudes." After all, they write, "we cannot have good politics when campaigns are awash in special interest money and the voices of ordinary voters are drowned out. We cannot have good policy when politicians backed by 'big money' do the bidding of their donors instead of the American people." Read their full op-ed below and visit our press page for other recent articles and interviews.


Many of you have already heeded the call and signed up to Ask the Question of the presidential candidates. Thank you! If you haven't yet had the chance, please add your name here. We'll send you a weekly email (and free bumper sticker!) with all the info you need about where the candidates will be, how to Ask the Question, free training opportunities, and more! The next training with our friends at AFSC is tonight in Manchester!

Together, we can make ending corruption the number one issue in the presidential election by Walking the Talk and Asking the Question across the Granite State.

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