Maine Public Funding of Elections: Lessons learned & organizing ideas

Join us for a conversation with Anna Keller where they discuss how Maine’s publicly funded elections came to be and how we can create a similar system for NH. In our current election system where money equals power the influence of mega donors on political decisions is staggering. However, policy changes that implement a public funding system for elections have proven successful at making the legislation align more closely with the will of the people rather than corporate interests. For a prime example we can look to our northern neighbor, Maine. 
Maine began their public funding system in 1996, nearly 30 years ago. During the 2016 elections, 64% of candidates in legislative races participated. Voters like the system so much that they passed an update to the system by citizen initiative in 2015. During this webinar our special guest, Anna Keller will discuss the story of Maine's public funding system, how it came to be, the organizing used to achieve it, and strategies that New Hampshire Activists can use to aid them in establishing a similar system in NH.
ANNA KELLAR (they/them)
Executive Director at Maine Citizens for Clean Elections
Anna grew up in Maine before earning a BA in Political Science from Yale University and a Masters in Conflict Studies from the London School of Economics. Their experience with democracy and anti-corruption campaigns in Eastern Europe and Central Asia makes them all the more committed to preserving and strengthening civil society and grassroots democracy in Maine. Anna started working at MCCE in 2014 as an organizer on the Clean Elections Initiative. They ran for the state legislature as a Clean Elections candidate in 2016. In 2017, Anna was appointed as the first joint Executive Director for MCCE and the League of Women Voters of Maine.
June 18, 2024 at 6:00pm - 7pm
via Zoom
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