March for Fair Elections

CONTACT:     Olivia Zink (603) 661-8621

6-mile NH Rebellion March to End Big Money in Politics.

Dublin, NH --- Supporters of campaign reform are holding their annual “Granny D Memorial Walk” from Dublin to Peterborough on Saturday, August 12. Walkers will depart at 9 am from Cobb Meadow Road, Dublin near Granny D’s home, for a 6 mile walk ending in Depot Square Park in Peterborough.  Food and entertainment will be provided at the end of the march, in Depot Square.

“Across the country people have come together in cities, counties, and states to show that we can limit the power of big money.  When we pass bold, smart solutions like small-donor public financing we give everyday people a voice,” said Nick Nyhart, president and CEO of Every Voice Center. “If Washington, DC won’t act to safeguard our democracy from the billions of dollars big donors and powerful interests are spending to drown out the voices of everyday Americans, then the rest of the country can take action to put political power into the hands of the people."

“We are proud to continue the fight for fair elections,” said Olivia Zink, Executive Director of NH Rebellion/Open Democracy, the Concord, NH based election reform group that was started by Granny D  more than a decade ago.  “Our democracy is in the middle of an historic upheaval. Never before has it been more clear that ‘the ends of government are perverted and public liberty manifestly endangered.’ With billionaires and special interests controlling our elections, a hostile foreign power meddling in our elections -- it’s time for a solution."

At noon, a concluding program will take place at Depot Square (12 Depot Square, Peterborough NH 03458):

   •    Keynote Speaker- Nick Nyhart, President and CEO, Every Voice Center. Nick has worked to win cutting edge state reform efforts and has organized a number of innovative national collaborations to promote publicly financed elections at the federal level; and

   •    Music by Tattoo (Fred Simmons & Leslie Vogel), Granny D's "personal band" .

Granny D achieved national fame when, at the age of 90, she walked over 3,200 miles across the United States to advocate for campaign finance reform. After her initial efforts with Senators John McCain and Russ Feingold to regulate campaign finances, Granny D forged ahead until her death in March 2010, helping to spearhead a nationwide movement that continues to the current day with numerous groups working to get big money out of politics.

The event is free and open to the general public. For more info:  603-715-8197 or go to

NH Rebellion is part of Open Democracy, the Concord-based nonpartisan reform organization founded by legendary NH hero Granny D. To register for the walk or learn more about the NH Rebellion, please visit:  For details about the planned events,  follow us on Twitter @nhrebellion and on Facebook at:


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