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June 27, 2018
Open Democracy calls for Equal Treatment of all Political Groups

January 15, 2018
NH Survey on Big Money 

November 28, 2017 
Democracy Dinner with Larry Lessig

September 20, 2017 
Theatrical Performance Tours for Clean Elections

August 8, 2017 
March for Fair Elections

June 30, 2017 
March and Rally for Clean Elections 

November 2, 2016
New polling finds that Granite Staters overwhelmingly support a new law in New Hampshire to reduce the power of big money in politics.

July 5, 2016 
NH Rebellion March to End Big Money in Politics

October 30, 2015
Big Money Dominates Top 2016 Mayoral Races in New Hampshire

October 15, 2015
Bipartisan Leaders Call on NH House to End Endless Spending in Elections

March 26, 2015
NH Leaders Applaud Senate Vote to Stop Unlimited Campaign Spending, Urge House to Follow Suit

February 11, 2015
Open Democracy Presents First Annual ‘Walk the Talk’ Awards

January 13, 2015
Hundreds March Through the Snow to End Political Corruption

October 20, 2014
Open Democracy Challenges NH Political Groups for Violating Disclosure Laws in 2014 Elections

September 7, 2014
NH reformers hold 'Democracy for All' rally as U.S. Senate debates constitutional amendment to curb money in politics

August 25, 2014
Over 50 NH reformers walk in Granny D's footsteps to celebrate Revive Democracy Weekend 

April 18, 2014
Senator Larsen Disappointed with Senate Majority Blocking House Resolutions

May 9, 2014
Broad Coalition to Call on the New Hampshire Senate to End its Two-Thirds Rule and Permit Votes on Resolutions

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