Memorial Day Walk for Democracy

Fifteen years ago, Granny D concluded her walk across America with these haunting words. Addressing the "brave spirits" of Arlington Cemetery, she asked, "Did you give your lives for a government where we might stand together as free and equal citizens, or did you give your lives so that laws might be sold to the highest bidder, turning this temple of our Fair Republic into a bawdy house where anything and everything is done for a price?”


Last weekend, we honored Granny D and the "brave spirits" who fought and died for American democracy by simply walking. Over 100 citizen rebels joined us between Lebanon and Hanover, bringing our NH Rebellionagainst big money to yet another corner of the state. 

The walk began in downtown Lebanon and ended on Dartmouth campus with Sen. David Pierce, former Sen. Jim Rubens, Prof. Lawrence Lessig, and plenty of burgers and Ben & Jerry's. We even had a surprise visit from "Jebillary Walksandercruz", the puppet presidential candidate on a leash to "big money" – until the children in the crowd snipped his strings and set him free! To learn more, check out our front page story in Sunday's Valley News and our Concord Monitor and Nashua Telegraph op-eds.

Thank you to all those who joined our Memorial Day walk. If you missed it, fear not and mark your calendar for our exciting July 4th walk in Portsmouth and our July 18-19th Monadnock walk and Summer Lyceum talk.

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