Are you prepared to vote in the NH state primary on Sept. 8

Have you planned how you're going to vote safely on September 8 in NH's state primary?

You have options if you act quickly.



If you have had an absentee ballot sent to you already  -- Mail it back by Monday, August 24 to allow for slower postal delivery and processing by your town clerk. 

If you have not requested your absentee ballot, download it  and hand-deliver the application to your town clerk.  When you hand it in, consider asking for the ballot at that time to fill it out and turn it back in.  Check your town clerk's hours.

For you last-minute folks:  This year only, you CAN return your ballot to town or city hall yourself ON election day.  Usually you cannot.   Clerks offices will be open on Sept. 7, Labor Day for limited hours the day before, but check for hour.  OR you can stop procrastinating return it in person now!

If you haven't registered to vote, there's still time, but do this in person at the town clerk's office, or in person at the polls on election day.  You'll need and ID and proof of your "domicile."  Call your clerk for details.

If you aren't able to take those steps, vote in person on September 8, wear a mask, and sanitize before you go in and out. 

No matter how you vote, VOTE!  Your vote is your voice, and you need to use it!


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