Message to Supporters re: State House Action for Campaign Finance Reform

Wars aren't won overnight and our fight against Big Money politics is no exception. But I'm excited to report that ground is being gained every week here in New Hampshire, as the presidential candidates and state lawmakers respond to our demands for real reform.

First, an urgent requesttomorrow, the NH House Admin Committee will hold a long-awaited vote on SB 136, the bipartisan bill to call on Congress to overturn Citizens United by passing a Constitutional Amendment. Can you spare a few minutes right now to call three Republican state representatives and politely urge that they vote "Ought to Pass" on SB 136?

Rep. Russell Ober - (603) 883-9654
Rep. Brad Bailey - (603) 638-2118
Chairman Rep. Richard Hinch - (603) 261-6317

We also invite you to join us tomorrow, October 13th at 9:30am outside the Legislative Office Building, 33 N State St in Concord to hold signs and greet the committee members as they arrive for the big vote. If the NH House follows the State Senate's lead, which passed SB 136 unanimously in March, we will become the 17th state to call for a Constitutional Amendment and the first with Republican majorities.

Momentum is on our side. Earlier today, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Lindsay Graham spoke to the NH Rebellion and other activists in Manchester and declared that overturning Citizens United"would be a priority for me", as reported by CNN. Ten days ago, Democratic presidential candidate Gov. Martin O'Malley released his ambitious “Restoring Our American Democracy” agenda, incorporating our suggestions for full disclosure, citizen-funded elections, overhauling the FEC, and overturning Citizens United

Last month, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released an ambitious reform agenda of her own embracing our ideas – the first time in my lifetime that a presidential frontrunner has made ending big money corruption a leading cause of the campaign. And that's not to mention the steady drumbeat against big money corruption and crony capitalism from candidates like Bernie SandersLawrence LessigCarly Fiorina, and Donald Trump. For all the latest statements and to find an upcoming event where you can Ask the Question directly of a presidential candidate, check out

Together, we are gaining ground in the fight for representative government where every voice is head. Thanks for all you do.

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