Solution: Voter-Owned Elections

The current system of privately-funded elections silences the voices of everyday people, favoring wealthy interest groups. For our representative democracy to be fully "of, by, and for the people," the solution is publicly funded elections.

Voter-Owned Elections:

Civic Dollars: Every eligible voter would receive $100 "Civic Dollars” (four certificates worth $25 each) that they would be free to donate to candidates of their choice for state senate, executive council, and governor – provided those candidates reject large donations 

No Large Donations: Candidates who receive Civic Dollars would contractually agree to not accept large private donations for the primary and general elections 

No Outside Money: Participating candidates and their committees would agree to not accept donations from individuals residing outside New Hampshire and would request that so-called “independent groups” not spend money on their behalf; only citizens eligible to vote for the candidate would be allowed to contribute to his/her campaign 

No Corporate Contributions: A companion bill would prevent non-persons like corporations, unions, and other special interests from funding political campaigns 

Full Transparency: Candidates and political committee campaigning in New Hampshire would be required to regularly and publicly disclose their donors online 

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