Training & Materials for Election Protection Task Force

Thanks for signing up for the Protect the Vote / Election Protection Task Force.  Below are important training links, and tools to help you this week as you prepare for observing.  Please bookmark this page, because you can't get to it via the main website pages or navigation. 

If you missed the Sunday, Oct.18 training, there is a link below for you to watch it.

Here are contact numbers for Open Democracy, coordinating the Protect the Vote / Election Protection Task Force in New Hampshire.  .

Olivia Zink, Executive Director, 603-661-8621
Brian Beihl, Deputy Director, 603-620-8300
If you have friends who are interested in helping with this cause, please send them to to review the roles and to sign up. I'll contact them as they sign up.   Thanks again for everything you do to keep our elections safe & secure!
Brian Beihl, Deputy Director
Open Democracy

Sign Up & Training

Check out the observer role descriptions here:

You'll be asked what roles in which you'd be interested in doing.

Then sign up for roles, days and towns here:

If you have any trouble signing up, send an email to Doreen and she'll be glad to help.


If you haven't taken the main Oct. 18 training yet, go here


Recording of Election Protection Task Force Training  - Unedited
Start Time : Oct 18, 2020 06:49 PM
Meeting Recording:    Access Passcode: *m5=RmtS
The supplemental training is here, from Sunday.  October 25th   Start Time : Oct 25, 2020 06:44 PM

Other important tools and links

Important Links:

Reporting back to Open Democracy

If you have taken an action while observing (Talking to Clerk, Moderator, Secretary of State's office, or Attorney General's office)  we would like to know what action you took and why.   We've created Google Forms to help you do this:
Record a Rejected Absentee Ballot from a preprocessing session or on election day
Record an incident, after you've reported it to the appropriate election authorities.

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