Warrant Article Language


We'd prefer that you use the language as is, but minor changes may be needed to make it acceptable to your town's clerk or election officials.

  • Remember that once you start taking signatures, NO CHANGES may be made on the language
  • Make copies of your petitions!   One copy for YOU, and one copy for US here at Open Democracy. 
  • Please send the copies to Open Democracy, 4 Park St, Suite 301, Concord, NH 03301 
  • The original copies go the the town clerk or election officials.
  • Questions?   Call Brian at 603-620-8300 for more information.

To download or copy & paste from a Google Doc, please follow this link, and a opportunity to download or view will come up.

To download this form in PDF, please follow this link, then right click to download.                    

Warrant Article Language in text:

A Petition to Add a Warrant Article Resolution 

to the 2021 Town Meeting Warrant




By petition of 25 or more eligible voters of the town of ____Your Town______ to see if the town will vote to demand that the New Hampshire General Court, which is obligated to redraw the maps of political districts within the state following the federal census, will ensure fair and effective representation of New Hampshire voters without gerrymandering.   

Additionally, these voters ask the town of _____Your Town_________ to demand the NH General Court to carry out the redistricting in a fair and transparent way through public meetings, not to favor a particular political party, to include communities of interest, and to minimize multi-seat districts. 

(Include the section in gray following if your town currently has 3,300+ population, but currently shares reps with other towns.  Your town would be eligible for its own state rep district.) Furthermore, as the  New Hampshire State Constitution, Part 2, Article 11 allows towns of sufficient population to have their own state representatives, not shared with other towns, for the town of _____Your Town_____to petition the NH General Court for its own exclusive seat(s) in the NH House of Representatives if it does not already have it, ensuring that State Representatives properly represent the town’s interests.

The record of the vote approving this article shall be transmitted by written notice from the selectmen to____Your Town___’s state legislators, informing them of the demands from their constituents within 30 days of the vote.  

________________________________     X______________________________

Your name as registered to vote                     Your signature

_________________________________     ______________________________  

Your street address, as registered to vote        Date

________________________________      ______________________________          

City                              State             Zip         Email

Remember that ALL signers need to be registered voters for their signature to count.



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