Best Practices And Tips For Your Drive

Here Are Some Best Practices And Tips To Make Sure That Your Drive Is Effective!

1. Start Today:

○ While the fall is crucial for registering students due to election years, consider hosting a spring registration drive as well. 

○ Benefits of a spring drive: 

■ Practice planning and launching your drive without worrying about state deadlines. 

■ Register graduating seniors, allowing them to practice the process before they move to new districts for college or enter the workforce. 

2. Build a Team:

○ You don't have to do this alone! Assemble a team: 

Administrators/Teachers: Support student-led drives and garner support from parents and guardians. 

Elected Officials: Seek support from state or county officials or local nonprofits. 

Students: Engage student clubs, athletic teams, and student 

councils. They can boost enthusiasm and participation. 

■ Volunteers: Encourage students to use their voice. Help with the logistics of their drive (Town Clerks, Supervisors of the Checklist).

3. Do Your Homework:

Know New Hampshire Laws: 

■ Research Granite State voter registration laws, including 

registration rules and voter ID requirements. 

■ Our additional resources can help you get started. 

Check with Local Officials: 

■ Contact local elections officials to ensure your registration drive plan meets their requirements. 

4. Spread the Word:

○ Use social media, school announcements, and flyers to promote the drive.

○ Encourage students to invite their peers and share the importance of voter registration. 

5. Celebrate and Report Success:

○ Track and report the number of registered students and celebrate milestones. 

○ Remember that each registration represents a future voter and their voice. 



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