A Bloody Sunday in Selma: A Movie and Discussion hosted by Open Democracy

Sunday, March 7th, 7 p.m. Eastern

One of the battles for an equal voice in our democracy was fought on the Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama on "Bloody Sunday."   It turned out to be a pivotal event in the civil rights movement and in American history. 

Join us for the showing of the 30-minute documentary Selma: A March to Remember and a discussion via Zoom as we honor this momentous event.   To make our event more compelling, we will have 3 outstanding panelists: 

Hon. Harvey Keye was born in Montgomery, AL in 1932.  He marched with Martin Luther King in 1963.  Harvey has served as a NH State Representative and is currently a Human Rights Commissioner here in NH.  He was instrumental in getting MLK Day legislation passed.

Peter Kellman will also join us He is a life-long activist and organizer who was on the Selma to Montgomery march representing the Committee for Non-Violent Action.  The discussion and Q&A will be moderated by Edward Taylor, Director of Community Engagement, ACLU-NH.

Hon. Melanie Levesque is a former NH State Senator.  She is a champion of human rights and voter rights and works diligently for fairness for all.

The documentary focuses on personal accounts of the events of Bloody Sunday and the historic Selma-to-Montgomery March that followed. It features stories from those who were leaders in the movement and from every day people who witnessed an extraordinary time and place in history. They discuss their experiences in the Civil Rights Movement, and the challenges still facing the movement today.

Our mission is to not just remember Selma and the blood spilled there for the right to vote, but to discuss what we need to do next, with voting rights under attack throughout the United States, including here in New Hampshire.

Don't miss it, and invite your friends to attend this special event.   RSVP below, and a Zoom link will be sent to you by email.   This is a free event.  

Please note that your video will be off when you enter the Zoom room to provide for more bandwidth for the film showing.  We will enable video screens again at the end of the film for the panel discussion and Q&A.

Cosponsored by: ACLU-NH; NH Peace Action; NAACP-Manchester, NH; UU Action NH; Concord NH Showing Up For Racial Justice; NH Council of Churches and MLK Coalition.


Go here for actions on Voting Rights for you to take after tonight's discussions

March 07, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Online via Zoom

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