Current Openings for Election Officials

This information came from calls to towns and cities around New Hampshire.    These are the openings we know of, but we urge you to contact your town or city offices to find out what other openings might exist.

See job descriptions for town election officials.


ANDOVER BONNIE J WESLEY 735-5018 election supervisor is temporary
BARNSTEAD MARY E CLARKE 269-4631 yes-supervisor check list
DEERING CAROL MICHELLE BAKER 464-3224 Supervisor of Checklist (SoC) open-candidates file by 1/31.
DERRY WARD 01 DANIEL R HEALEY 432-6105 SoC, Moderator, Councillor at large, ward 3 councillor voting is on 3/10 (town election day).  Can use volunteer help on 2/11.
DORCHESTER DARLENE E OAKS 786-9476 SoC (5 year term)
HOPKINTON CAROL A HARLESS 746-8247 moderator
JACKSON KAREN BURTON 383-4223 have people running but open for 2 selectmen, moderator and town clerk will be voted on
JAFFREY KELLY ROLLINS 532-7861 moderator will be voted on
KENSINGTON CAROL BEERSWITHERELL 772-5423 board of selectman
KINGSTON TAMMY LOUISE BAKIE 642-3112 there are vacancies- tammy available after 1

town clerk
NOTTINGHAM SANDRA W WESTON 679-9598 Supervisor of the Checklist
OSSIPEE KELLIE J SKEHAN 539-2008 Supervisor of the Checklist
WINDHAM NICOLE BOTTAI 434-5075 Supervisor of the Checklist
PLAINFIELD MICHELLE MARSH 469-3201 need: Supervisor of the Checklist - filing period until next Fri. NEEDS SOMEONE.
PLYMOUTH JASEYA JOSEE GIRONA 536-1732 need: 1 Supervisor of the Checklist, 1 town clerk
RICHMOND ANNETTE NAOMI TOKUNAGA 239-6202 town elecions March 10: 2 Supervisors of the Checklist; 1 Moderator.
RUMNEY LILA M WILLIAMS 786-2237 yes. list in Rumney paper 1/16. all going on ballot in the next few days. modernator, 2 supervisors of the checklist, ...
SALEM WARD 01 SUSAN M WALL 890-2116 yes. 1 Supervisor of the Checklist. Any positions listed on the TC's website.

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