"I came to New Hampshire looking for hope..."

Scanning through the hours and hours of newly-released video from our We the People Convention on Primary Weekend, I was reminded of this line:

"I came to New Hampshire looking for hope … and I got it!"

That was the actor Sam Waterston bidding farewell to the NH Rebels at the Convention. He had driven five hours through a wicked snowstorm to be with us, and he didn't waste any time speaking with Rebels, the media, and even leading our first march. 

waterston.pngBut Sam didn't come looking for publicity – he came in search of hope. And thanks to all of you, NH Rebellion has brought hope that democracy is possible to a lot more people than Sam. 

During a frantic final weekend before the NH Primary, the Convention attracted over 700 participants, dozens of national and international press, Members of Congress, national reform leaders, presidential and gubernatorial candidates, and senior surrogates for the top four NH candidates Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and John Kasich, who have embraced reform. More importantly, we succeeded at making money in politics a defining issue in the presidential primary, according to the state's leading newspapers The Keene SentinelNashua TelegraphPortsmouth Herald, and Concord Monitor, as well as CNN

The polls bear us out: before we had taken our first steps as a NH Rebellion in 2013, just 9% of citizens had hope that the problem of big money corruption could be solved. 30,000 miles or marching later, that number more than quadrupled to 39%, thanks to hopeful activism in NH and nationwide.

Next week, we will announce our next steps as the Rebellion continues during this critical election year in New Hampshire. In addition to NH, we're excited to be part of a national rebellion against big money that will march from Philadelphia to Washington this April – be sure to sign up for Democracy Spring today!

And don't miss an exciting opportunity to hear from more congressional reform leaders at a free online summit hosted by NH Rebellion champion and best-selling author Marianne Williamson, starting TODAY!

Take hope!
Dan and the NH Rebellion Team

PS. I invite you to check out a few other favorite Convention videos Sen. Cory Booker (on behalf of Hillary Clinton), Marianne Williamson, conservative reformer Richard Painter, Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein, reform leaders in Congress and nationwide, Pulitzer-Prize winner Hedrick Smith, high-school Rebel Ella McGrail, comedian Jimmy Tingle, and NH Rebellion founder Lawrence Lessig.

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