Walking with Paul Revere on Patriots' Day


Our long walk for democracy continued on Saturday, as nearly 100 citizen rebels took to the streets in the footsteps of Paul Revere on the 240th anniversary of his famous ride, garnering state and national media attention.


We began the day with a ringing of the historic Paul Revere bell in Lowell, MA as "Paul Revere" (aka Ellen Read) led the way on horseback under the cry "The fat-cats are coming!" Fifteen miles and thousands of honked horns and friendly waves later, we arrived in Nashua for a public rally outside Nashua City Hall and a culminating march to the Crowne Plaza Hotel, site of the largest gathering of presidential candidates on record.



The rally featured an unexpected visit from "King George III", who congratulated America and the Supreme Court on making a swift return to plutocratic rule since Citizens United, before being sent away by a feisty "Paul Revere" on horseback. "Paul Revere" was then joined by Jeff Clements, co-founder and chair of Free Speech for People, and 15 year-old patriot Ella McGrail, who recited an original poem updating Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's famous lines for the present day.


As the long line of walkers approached the Crowne Plaza Hotel singing "We walk with love for our country…" we were met by a swarm of cameras and reporters from local, national, and international news outlets. "Paul Revere" concluded the march at the hotel entrance with a rousing statement and presentation of a petition signed by over 3,500 citizens:


"Just as a small band of patriots was able to bring this country together and free us from colonial oppression in my day, so will this band of patriots unite with their countrymen and women to build a new electoral system where the voice of the people is heard… We believe in the principles that this great nation was founded on - that every person is equal, that there cannot be taxation without legitimate representation, and that government shall remain of, by, and for the people!" 



Although "Paul Revere" and the walkers were not welcomed into the hotel, we concluded with a festive celebration across from the hotel entrance, serving hotdogs, hamburgers, and ben & Jerry's ice cream to walkers, reporters, and summit-goers alike who had tired of hearing the presidential candidates. The celebration featured the Stamp Stampede's one-of-a-kind "Amend-o-Matic StampMobile" and stamping stations to #StampMoneyOut of politics. 


The presidential candidates may not have let us in to their high-priced event this time, but we will continue to challenge them to address money in politics everywhere they go. If you haven't signed up to Ask the Question, please visit NHRebellion.org to sign the petition and received weekly updates with candidate appearances.


Next up: Memorial Day and July 4th Walks in New Hampshire's Upper Valley and Seacoast. Stay tuned for more details!

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