The Civic Center and Open Democracy Research Report 2024

In collaboration with The Civics Center, Open Democracy is happy to share our latest research on High School Voter Registration Drives across the Granite State! In the latest research report titled, "Increasing Voter Registration Among 18-Year-Olds in New Hampshire" by Laura Brill, Kassie Canter, and Fionn Shea, you see very promising statistics and anecdotes on the progress we have made in the state! We still have work to be done but this is concrete evidence that we are headed towards a brighter tomorrow!

The voter registration rate nearly doubled from 8.5% in June 2022 to 15.6% in July of 2023! This is a key indicator that this initiative is truly changing the lives and communities that 18 year olds reside. This helps strengthen our democracy in the present but also in the future. As this program grows and more schools hold High school Voter Registration Drives, we expect these numbers to increase again.

These numbers are promising and more work is surely ahead. The national average for 18 year old voter registration is 30% and that towers over our number here in the Granite State. With your help and support, we can catch up to the national average and even surpass it! If you find this issue is important to you, your family, or your community, please consider volunteering!

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